Zombie World Z
2 min readDec 8, 2021


🌟Congratulations on the new strategic partnership between Zombie World Z and TokenHunter.

✨Founded in 2019, TokenHunter is an investment research platform positioned in the research, analysis and evaluation of primary market projects.

🧟‍♂️Zombie World Z is one of pioneer-games applying metaverse combining virtual reality (VR) on the BSC, towards a game economy of the actualization with play-to-earn. ZWZ has upgraded and developed to a 3D blockchain game based on the 2D game available which successful Zombie Idle Defense and millions of downloads in the market.

🤝The cooperation agreement with TokenHunter demonstrates ZWZ’s foresight when the association not only helps the two units in the development but also elevates the international level of the two brands.

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About Zombie World Z

✨ Set in a city full of zombies, they are everywhere to invade the city. This game will be more attractive and challenging when you have to make smart decisions to help your partners as long as possible as they fight the zombie. So “Would you survive long enough to discover this city’s secrets?”

✨ On your journey, you’ll craft, upgrade, trade- weapons and pets to return peace in this city. Fight in an endless battle or compete with others in a ranked match.

✨ Be the only HEROES who defeat them to save this city and return peace to mankind!

✨ Promising to bring you dramatic and extremely interesting experiences. Are you looking forward to the new feature “Metaverse combining VR”?

🔥 Let’s welcome the boom of Zombies World Z



Zombie World Z

Zombie World Z is the first applying metaverse combining VR on the BSC, upgraded and developed based on a successful and established Zombie Idle Defense.