Zombie World Z
1 min readApr 23, 2022

💥 A new Boss Hunt season is beginning! This time, don’t forget to use your experience skill from previous seasons to become the TOP of Heroes of Boss Hunt Season 5.

💪The zombie bosses in ZwZ are especially strong and require a lot of work and upgrade weapons to a higher level to destroy them. But all you put in will be well-rewarded. Hunt the zombie Bosses in ZwZ, save the city and race to the top for great rewards.

TIME: 00:00 UTC April 23, 2022 to 00:00 UTC April 29, 2022

♨️ Don’t forget the attractive total reward for each season of Boss Hunt:
* The reward will be distributed to TOP 150. Heroes get rewards based on their finishing rank.
* The TOP 100 will receive a Recipe as an additional incentive to the current reward.

👉 More details of rewards HERE

💥 Are you ready for lots of intense Boss battles and get attractive rewards? Join us now to show the world that you are a true strong hero!

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Zombie World Z

Zombie World Z is the first applying metaverse combining VR on the BSC, upgraded and developed based on a successful and established Zombie Idle Defense.